Monday, April 23, 2018

What browser is best for online surveys?

Every online survey company uses a different software to conduct surveys online. Many of these platforms have their fair share of glitches when is comes to people using them though I must admit that this is becoming less and less of an issue as they are getting more advanced.

By far the most common issue that you will get when doing surveys online is for the form fields to be miss aligned and the drop down boxes to be all out of whack. The biggest cause of this issue is what we refer to as browser compatibility. This is the type of internet browser one is using when filling out the forms like internet explorer, safari, firefox, google chrome and many more.

I have used many different browsers myself and I have to say that your safest bet is to go with using Internet Explorer. Though many of you may already be using this browser as it is the most popular if you are in a situation where it is not available then I would be inclined to resort to Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using a Macintosh computer then Safari should be ok but in the case of this not working or being unavailable you should try and go with Mozilla Firefox also. The firefox browser seems to be the stable after IE.

If you ever receive an error when completing an online survey then I advise that you report it at the end where it usually requests if you have any additional input. This will give the companies the information they need to make completing online surveys better for all of us.

Happy Survey Taking.