Monday, April 23, 2018


Paid online surveys frequently asked questions.

How will I get paid?
Different companies have different ways of paying, most companies will simply wait until you have accumulated enough money (usually around $20-$50) they will then either deposit the amount straight into your nominated bank account or pay pal account or some also opt to send you a cheque.
Some surveys companies run a little differently, you will accumulate points with them for completing surveys and when you have earned enough points you can redeem them for cash or sometimes items like tickets into a prize draw.

How many surveys will I get?
The amount of surveys you will receive will differ greatly, based upon you geographic and demographic preferences. Some survey takers get more surveys opportunities than they can complete in a day while other only receive very few. It is impossible for me or anyone else to give you an estimate of exactly how many surveys you will receive but as a general rule if you sign up to all the companies listed on this site you should receive somewhere between three and eight every day.

How long will the surveys take?
The time is takes to complete a survey will vary greatly from one to the next, but the reward for completing a surveys will be in direct proportion to the amount of time it takes a person to complete it. The average time to complete a survey is between 15-45 minutes though occasionally you will receive one that may take five minutes or even as long as two hours.

How much money can I earn?
The amount of money you will earn will be based on the amount of surveys you complete. The earnings per survey can vary from as little as only 50 cents to answer a couple of questions to over $100 for large lengthy surveys. As previously mentioned the amount of surveys and money you earn will be largely based on you commitment and past reputation with the particular companies.

Is there a way to get more surveys?
The only way to receive more surveys is by completing all the ones the company sends you efficiently. By becoming a loyal and reliable customer you will receive more surveys in turn. The only other way is to sign up with more companies.

What demographics get the most surveys?
It is not possible for me to say what demographics will receive the most paid surveys. This will vary greatly from company to company, it just depends on the companies needs.

Do you have any reviews of the currently listed survey sites?
Yes, if you follow the link below it will take you to the reviews of all the listed companies on this site. It is the most comprehensive review I have seen yet.
Online Surveys Sites Reviewed

Are there any more survey companies I can sign up to?
The list of companies on this site is the most comprehensive list in Australia. You will find all the best and latest companies listed here. I do not recommend signing up to any companies not listed on this site to avoid having your time waisted. I am constantly reviewing new online survey companies and as they pass my approval they will be listed on the top online surveys page. You can also opt into out mailing list and you will receive updates of any new sites as they become available.
Any company not listed on this site is most probably a scam.
If you would like for me to review a site to be added to this list please don’t hesitate to email me the site’s address and I will review it as soon as I can.

Who benefits from the surveys?
You as a consumer will benefit mostly from the surveys. Because the companies that are doing the market research are looking to refine and improve their product for their customers. So filling out surveys can often be rewarding in that you will do surveys for products that you use on a day to day basis. The feeling of playing a part in creating the quality of product available today can for some be quite rewarding also.

Why do people want to know what I think and why are they willing to pay for it?
Your opinion is valuable. As an example you may purchase a certain type of washing detergent. To washing detergent manufacturers and distributors knowing the reasons as to why you have select that particular type/brand is invaluable information.

How many people do online surveys?
Millions of people across Australia do online surveys every year and the number is constantly growing.

How can I contact you should I have additional questions?
Simply navigate to the contact us page and send us an email via the links on this page. We are always happy to assist our site visitors an best we can.

How long does it take to start getting surveys?
Usually you will receive your first surveys within 1-2 days from your initial sign up.

Is it ok if I don’t complete the surveys?
You will never be locked into doing surveys for any reason with the companies we list, you can just do them at your own leisure. Though please keep in mind that as previously mentioned it is best you complete as many surveys as possible, as the companies will send you more for doing so.

I don’t seem to be getting as many surveys as I used to?
Sometimes there is simply a lull in the amount of surveys the companies have to offer you. Don’t get discouraged as this will most probably not long remain so and you’re in box will be filled with new surveys opportunities shortly.

What if I lie on the surveys?
It is advised that you always be honest in filling out surveys as if you are court lying the companies will often delete your account. Its is best to have your answers across surveys remain consistent, this can become difficult if you are being dishonest.

What is the best way to manage all my surveys?
It is advised that you sign up for a separate email account from Gmail or MSN to help manage all the online survey emails you will receive.

Is it ok to register more than one account?
It is never ok to sign up for more than one account with any market research company, if caught this will result in a deletion of your account.

Is it ok to register if someone in my family has already registered?
It is ok for all the members of your family to register once with each of the companies.

Is it ok to give the surveys companies my bank account details?
If the company was found through this site then it is ok. If the company is not listed here then I doubt it would be safe for you to do so. All the companies listed on this site have been thoroughly checked out by me personally.
Please note that you should never give out your bank account password to anyone on the internet including even the most reputable survey companies.

How old do you need to be in order to do online surveys?
Most online surveys companies require applicants to be at least 18 years of age unless specified otherwise. Please have a look through the current list of companies and there is usually at least a few that will specify people under the age of 18.