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Online Surveys Australia Mobile Site

by admin on June 21, 2011

Mobile use on this site has increased 10 fold in the last 6 months, so we thought it about time we launched a more mobile phone friendly version for all you Y gen folkes.

Many of the online surveys companies have been slow to catch on to the ever expanding use of mobiles in everyday browsing, however recently a number of the paid online surveys sites we recommend started supporting online surveys forms that are mobile devise compatible. This is a big step for the industry and long over due as it will enable people to complete their paid surveys on the move, whether you are on public transport, in a line at the bank or on a coffee break, you can utilise that usually wasted time to make some extra money filling out some online surveys.

What about connection?

Many (but not all) of the mobile device friendly survey forms have an auto save feature. What this means is that the survey you are participating in will save after each screen, in the case where your internet connection happens to drop out you can simply return to where you left off, pretty convenient hey? well I though so. Though as mentioned not all survey sites are supporting this so be a little bit cautious for now, I am confident that all the paid survey companies will move to this system shortly.

Grab your mobile and check out the mobile friendly version of this site now, I would love to hear your feedback of suggestions on how we can make it even better!

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