Monday, April 23, 2018

Free Paid Surveys & Free Online Surveys

If your looking for free paid surveys you have come to the right place we live and breathe free paid surveys, it is all we do.

Yes free paid surveys exist, and they should always be completely free. If you have paid for access to free paid surveys in the past I regret to inform you that you have been ripped off.

I started this site and am writing this page in a hope that people don’t get burned by the pay for surveys bundles that seem to be going around lately. I get emails from countless people asking if there is a way for them to get their money back from the sites that they signed up with. My answer is always the same, no chance.

Recently I purchased two of these packages just to see what you get. The two packages that I bough were “survey scout” and “paid survey etc”.
What I got with these two sites believe me wasn’t much. All I seemed to receive was a list of surveys sites similar to what I list on this site only that the listings were in no particular order. Most of the listings where either:
Broken links.
Not relevant to people living in Australia.
In different languages.
Just more list of survey site.
Not free paid surveys at all, just more expensive bundles.

It is surprising that such offers can exist online without being closed down by the authorities. I always thought that the words free online surveys would mean “free” but I guess I was wrong.

Please don’t pay to join any of these sites simply so that they give up and go out of business. Countless amounts of people are being scammed by these companies every month. Here is a list of some of the more well known paid scheme sites:
- Surveys scout
- Paid survey etc
- Survey pass
- Survey income system
- Highest paying surveys

Though they state that they have a full 100% money back guarantee, if you give these companies your money don’t think you will be getting it back!!! I know I didn’t and I threatened to report them to the authorities.

Don’t let this persuade you from getting involved with free online surveys, I personally love them, the reason I started my site is so that others could get the truth about free online surveys and that they may learn to like them as well.

You can rest assured that this site will never charge for free online surveys ever!

Don’t hesitate in speaking up if you need help or would just like to voice an opinion, we are here to listen.