Monday, April 23, 2018

Best Paid Surveys – How To Find The Best Paid Survey Sites

Your probably thinking “best paid surveys there is no such thing! Well in some cases you may be right, but it is my opinion that in Australia it is possible to find many high paying surveys sites and I have been doing them for over five years now.

Finding the best paid surveys can sometimes be difficult, as each companies seems to have a preference to a certain demographic or age group. This article will show you some ways to find all the best paid surveys in the shortest possible time.

Some people just get pain fed up doing surveys because they are either boring or they don’t pay enough, this make it doubly important to avoid wasting your time and get in with the right survey sites in the first place.

The main way you will find the best paid surveys for you is to use websites like this one who give reviews and descriptions on what types of people would be best suited to the particular companies. Though even this sometime is not fail safe as even the best paid survey sites tend to change their preferences every once in a while. Therefore the best way to guarantee you are getting the best possible paid surveys at any given time is to simply sign up to more than one or two of them as they will obviously supply the best paid surveys. I have constantly been a member to over ten of the best paid surveys sites at any given time.

The best paid survey sites will usually be the biggest in terms of turnover and total number of members, there are exceptions to this rule but they are usually very few, one that I can think of currently is the American consumer opinion or more commonly referred to as ACOP this companies is probably considered by many to be the best paid survey site but I have been a member for a long time and I don’t even rate it in the top ten of my list.

What makes the best paid surveys?
The best paid surveys is usually one that has I high rate of pay for the time it take to complete it, but that is not the only thing that goes in to making an online survey the best paid survey, for me personally and many others I am sure there are many other contributing factor that make a paid survey fun and rewarding besides the money it returns to you.

What makes an online survey the best will be different for everyone but some of the main things that contribute to this are:

  • High rate of pay
  • Easy to use interface
  • Quick to complete
  • Fast Loading
  • Fun/Relevant

Some other factors that sometimes go into making the best paid surveys are:

  • Ease of use of the navigation
  • Speed of the pages loading
  • The aesthetics of the site

I have completed many online surveys in my time and I would have to say that the best paid survey I have ever completed was for mother soft drink advertising. I don’t know if anyone remembers the old mother soft drink ads but I remember them clearly, simply because it was the best paid survey I ever did.

To find a list of some of the best paid survey sites available in Australia today please feel free to visit our online survey list or just browse our site, on it you will find many helpful articles in relation to earning money doing online surveys and also reviews of many of the ones available to Australians today.

I hope this article was helpful if it was please feel free to leave a comment.