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Avoid poor quality survey sites

by admin on November 4, 2010

Besides swiping you of your money, there are some survey sites that may collect your email address, and sell it to third party companies. These companies in turn end up sending out large amounts of spam mail to your in-box, which may be irritating. This is why it is generally better to create a separate and unique email address to use for your online paid surveys sites.

Its better to avoid the survey sites that have a website that is poorly designed, is difficult to navigate or if it looks like no one has actually updated its content for some time now. It indicates that there is no professionalism in the site, so you can’t actually expect lots of surveys to be sent from these websites.

Online surveys only provide pocket money
On the contrary, there are also some scam companies that use very sophisticated web designs, to lure you to join their surveys for cash. You just have to trust your gut instinct, find out as much as possible about the sites through review sites and ask friends who have already joined survey sites for recommendations.
Be careful of survey sites that offer large amounts of cash as remuneration for your efforts. Remember that it is not possible to make a full-time income from taking online paid surveys; its just pocket money that you can earn. Anyone who makes claims of a full time income is lying so it’s better to avoid these sites.

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