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All Online Surveys Are Completely Free

by admin on February 3, 2011

Have you ever come across a site that says for $50 odd dollars or something similar they will send you a list of online survey sites that will pay you for filling out surveys. They claim to have the biggest and best list that is so good you can earn thousands of dollars a month in filling them all out?

If you haven’t where have you been? these things are quite literally all over the place! Anyway regardless I am not here to write about them what I am here to write about is the fact that these guys exist because people are actually paying to get their list otherwise they wouldn’t be around.

Free paid online surveys are also commonly referred to as paid surveys or online market research are all free, without exception. Anyone who has paid for access to online surveys has been taken for a ride.

Quality paid online survey sites are all over the internet it is simply a matter of know where to look, often free paid online surveys sites don’t have very good organic search engine presence and therefore don’t show up when you search for terms like “free online surveys”. This is the main reason that this site exists, we have scoured the internet seeking only the best free online survey sites available.

So a closing word of caution never pay for access to surveys, even if a site claims to have hundreds of sites, you can find all you are looking for completely free here. by signing up to the top 10 sites listed here you will have more than enough work to keep you busy and did I mention its completely free?

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