Monday, April 23, 2018

About Online Surveys

About Online Surveys:

We are a small tight nit group of people who now work entirely from home doing mostly paid online surveys to generate income.

This site was first started in 2005 though we have come a long way since then and now list upwards of 80 different Australian specific paid online surveys companies.

Our Team:

-Simon: Simon was the first to start Online Surveys Australia on early 2005 and he remains as a large contributor to the site, coming from a web development background he is the main caretaker of the site design and building.

-Emma: Emma at only 19 years of age is currently studying in Sydney and using online surveys to create a part time income for herself. She kindly volunteered to help manage the site in 2006 and she now plays a large role in helping maintain the quality of our listed sites.

-Peter: Peter is mostly in charge of doing the online surveys site reviews he also takes part in checking newly available site to make sure they are legitimate and worthy of listing on this site.

- We also have a large community of online survey takers that continually  contribute to making this site what it is today.

What people use Online Surveys Australia?

Many different people use paid online surveys Australia, from the elderly and very young to stay at home mums and busy working people.

Our Mission:
All of us here at Online Surveys Australia are committed to bringing you all the best available online survey opportunities and keeping the listings updated regularly.

Based in Sydney, Australia our site gets upwards of 10,000 visitors a month.

We like to believe that we are the largest, most up to date and reliable provider of online surveys in Australia and we are constantly striving to improve and remain that way.

“both me and my wife started doing paid online surveys from home just over six months ago now and it has helped us generate the much needed extra income to stay in front with our finances”
Mr & Mrs Ryan
Sydney NSW Australia