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Online Surveys & Paid Surveys Australia

On this site you will find listed all the best online survey opportunities available in Australia today, absolutely 100% free.

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We only list online survey companies that are:

  • 1Valid to people living in Australia
  • 2Completely free
  • 3High paying
  • 4Have passed our approval


Paid Survey Taker Testimonial

“I found doing online surveys both easy and enjoyable”

Janie B, Sydney


Free Survey Taker Testimonial

“The many hours I wasted with all the other companies I will never
get back”

Peter R, Brisbane


Online Survey Taker Testimonial

“Paid online surveys are just so easy, it is hard to believe I didn’t hear about them earlier”

Lisa B, Perth



Online surveys are a great way for you to earn an extra income from the comfort of your own home, myself and millions of other people are doing paid surveys from their homes in Australia every day and earning good money for it.

If you are looking to get rich quick or you are looking for the next fad in making fast money then I regret to inform you that you will not find any such opportunity here, but if you are willing to work and are looking for a little extra income,
I invite you join us in shaping how Australian products are made and earning money in the process.

To see the list of our best rated companies please visit our Paid Surveys & Online Surveys List.


I know some people say that online surveys are just a rip off and a waste of time but that simply isn’t true, I have been doing online surveys for over five years and I get cheques in the mail every week.


Yes. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to do paid surveys. All that is needed is a computer, access to the internet and an email address.


  • 1We only list companies that are valid to people living in Australia
  • 2We only list companies that are high paying
  • 3We only list companies that are 100% free, guaranteed
  • 4The site is constantly updated with the most recent opportunities
  • 5We are one hundred percent Australian owned and run
  • 6We do not have any forms of annoying advertising anywhere on the site

We only list online surveys companies that have been extensively researched by our large community, have been approved by us and are guaranteed to pay.

We strive to keep the companies we list on this site to the highest standard, they are all constantly updated and reviewed to make sure that they continue to remain valid and high paying.

You may notice other sites that offer similar opportunities but don’t be fooled, these sites are often based in other countries and will list companies that are not valid to Australians. This can be a huge waste of your valuable time. They also tend to list every company available and most of these companies are just spammers that will not offer any legitimate money making opportunities.


Companies wanting to get consumers opinions employ companies like the ones listed on this site, these companies formulate surveys and distribute them to their members in the general public to fill out. Once all the surveys have been completed they then collect and collate this data to form statistics that will help their clients design, manufacture and market products suitable to a target market in Australia, all based on these statistics.


Apart from being simply a list of all the best online paid surveys, on this site we have done our best to provide you with as much information as possible on the subject of online surveys, paid surveys and online market research, in an effort to have everything found in one place. You will find reviews of each paid survey company and articles to help you get started with as little effort as possible. We also provide a large amount of information on places you can go to participate in market research. We have included some general articles we believe would benefit the type of person who obviously owns and enjoys working on computers.

Online surveys & paid surveys today are a very important industry to help market and produce products that people want and need. Australian companies alone spend upwards of four hundred and fifty million dollars a year on market research and a large portion of this is paid to individuals simply giving their opinion.

If you have any further questions about online surveys please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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